2012 Chardonnay, Monterey  

Windswept vineyards conspire with stainless tanks to create an unadulterated expression of chardonnay. The lively aromas and fresh, steely flavors will perk up your taste buds and demand your attention. Enjoy fresh-cut lemon wedges, gardenia and straw on the nose with flavors of kiwi, flint and Granny Smith apple.


The Monterey AVA is the largest wine region within Monterey County, stretching almost the entire length of the county, from east of Monterey Bay to just north of Paso Robles, and offering a range of favorable soil and climate combinations.

Monterey Bay’s deep, frigid waters provide the dynamics for generating a mild climate in most parts of Monterey County that gradually warms with increased distance from the coast. Driven by stiff winds, the cold air masses above the bay move inland each afternoon to begin an overnight cooling cycle that lasts until mid-morning. Grapes fully ripen under extended periods of sunlight, but they retain ideal acidity with the help of low overnight temperatures and intermittent patterns of morning fog.

Grapes were sourced from Central Avenue Vineyard near the center of the Monterey AVA. The property lies southwest of Greenfield at approximately 300 feet of elevation in silty-loam alluvial soils deposited by the Arroyo Seco River. Daytime temperatures are generally warm during the growing season with considerable overnight cooling and occasional fog. The abundance of sunlight and warmth contribute complex tropical characteristics while the cool nights and mornings provide an optimum level of acidity to the finished wines.

Growing Season

The 2012 California growing season was like a winding road that eventually straightened out. It began with normal winter and spring weather patterns that transitioned into a mild summer, but near-freezing winter nights, mid-summer heat spikes, drought-year conditions, and late-season rains added plenty of drama. Overall, it was a high-quality year with rich fruit flavors. The slightly above average-size crop was good for wineries and growers alike, and a welcome reprieve from the smaller crops of 2010 and 2011.

Vintage: 2012


Winemaker: George Troquato

Appellation: Monterey

Central Avenue Vineyard

Harvest Date(s):
Oct 10, 2012

Release Date:
November 2013

Varietal Content:
100% chardonnay

pH: 3.62

Total Acidity:
0.64 mg per 100ml

Finished Alcohol: 14.1%