Alchemist Wine Society

Cinnabar’s Alchemist Wine Society (AWS) reveres winemaking as a form of modern-day alchemy—the blending of science with a touch of nature’s magic. Whether you are a scientist, a sorcerer, or simply a lover of good wine, join the AWS and indulge in the exclusive benefits bestowed upon you:

  • Enjoy special access to pre-released Cinnabar wines in February, May, September, and December for club members only
  • Celebrate the release of each new elixir with an exclusive tasting at Cinnabar’s Tasting Room for the first thirty days of each release month  
  • Relish a 50% discount on select bottles of Cinnabar wine to enjoy while visiting the Tasting Room
  • Collect your AWS release from the Tasting Room and exchange any wine for another of equal or greater value
  • Forgo a membership fee—we accept payment in the form of dedicated enthusiasm


10% Discount on 3 Bottles (red and white)
3 wine selections per quarterly release, estimated cost: $80-$125
Complimentary wine tasting + 1 guest, twice per month

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20% Discount on 4 Bottles (reds only)
2 wine selections per quarterly release (2 bottles of each selection), estimated cost: $125-$175
Complimentary wine tasting + 3 guests, once per week

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30% Discount on 9 Bottles (reds only, or customize to equal a minimum of 3 cases per year of release wines)
3 wine selections per quarterly release (3 bottles of each selection), estimated cost: $250-$300
Complimentary wine tasting + 5 guests, unlimited
Exclusive invitation to the Winemaker Dinner with George Troquato
Complimentary use of the tasting room facility for a private event after-hours (once per year, excludes wine and catered food, 40 people maximum)

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Alchemist’s notes:

  • All complimentary tastings do not apply during Mudd Room hours (Friday & Saturday, 5:00-8:00pm)
  • Despite our propensity for wizardry, we can only ship wine to legally compliant states
  • Our storage capacity is extremely limited.  If you do not pick up your release after 60 days, or have not notified us of your delay in doing so, your wine will be shipped to you.  Shipping and handling charges will apply.​

Terms and Conditions:

By signing up for Cinnabar Winery's Alchemist Wine Society, I agree to purchase four (4) AWS releases per year, and that my credit card will be automatically charged for those releases including any applicable taxes, handling, and shipping charges. Membership may be cancelled after receiving your second AWS release by providing notice at least two weeks prior to the next release.  I certify that I am 21 years of age or older, and if the wine is shipped, someone 21 years or older will receive it.


The Alchemy of Excellence


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